Large Scale Patterns

In this day and age, the ability to create beautiful artwork, patterns, and projects due to the availability of technology. Now, technology has it’s place. It has granted us a wider range of talented individuals and their work. Personally, I love using computers as there are things we do now that could not have been done previously.

However, with the empowerment of computer design programs, it’s important to build things from scratch without the assistance of Adobe programs. Creating these works allows us to fully appreciate how lucky we are. Not only is it obviously more time consuming, but the amount of patience it takes is beyond compare (unless you too have been overzealous enough to take on a project like this). Below are a few patterns I created to pass the time. They are done on watercolor paper with Micron pens. I always appreciated a good paper stock.

David Petr black and white line weight hand drawn pattern artwork
“Line Weights” 10.5×14

Each piece has its flaws of course. The little inconsistencies that come from hand made work help show how amazing the detail can be.

David Petr green crystal hand drawn pattern artwork
“Green Crystals” 10.5×14
David Petr purple galaxy hand drawn pattern artwork
“Galaxies” 10.5×14
David Petr brown burst hand drawn pattern artwork
“Brown Bursts” 10.5×14