Art Deco Tiles – 1

David Petr Art Deco Tiles View 1

These hand painted decorative tiles create a wonderful accent to kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, entryways, or just as wall decorations around your home. The white tiles are painted individually with an art deco pattern of black and gold. Each tile is 6″x6″. They are sold in a set of 4 to total 12″x12″ of coverage when displayed together. Line them up, offset them, or place them sporadically into your home decor.

David Petr Art Deco Tiles View 2

Each set of tiles is hand designed and sold as a small set. If you are interested in purchasing more from any one design family, please message me to arrange pricing and quantity for larger orders and delivery time. 

The tiles are clear coated to preserve the decorative painting. Clean with a damp cloth. Do not scrub them with a course sponge or brush as it may be overly abrasive to the surface design.

Price: $125 + Shipping
Currently able to purchase on ETSY